<![CDATA[TX TBS - The BG Blog]]>Tue, 02 Jun 2020 16:54:20 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[ERIS's first degree]]>Tue, 04 Feb 2020 03:40:02 GMThttp://texastbs.com/the-bg-blog/eriss-first-degreeBy: Izzy Jakobi

On February 2, 2020, Beta Gamma was pleased to welcome our new Spring 2020 Membership Candidate class, Auranti-copa-serrulata-mela-dianeris (Eris for short) into their process for active membership. The 26 member class has chosen bees as their mascot and the colors garden vista, sunflower seed, and peach mimosa as their class colors. We welcome these MCs with warm hearts and are excited to watch them grow as they work towards activehood! 
<![CDATA[A year in review]]>Sat, 18 May 2019 03:16:58 GMThttp://texastbs.com/the-bg-blog/a-year-in-reviewBy: Izzy Jakobi
The 2018-2019 academic school year has been an exciting one for Beta Gamma. On April 28th, 2019, we welcomed our newest class, KLEO to the chapter. All 33 starting membership candidates did an amazing job completing their process and have finally earned the title of active member. We also were able to raise $7,100 for Make-a-Wish, which allowed us to not only grant a wish this year, but also got us an amazing head start on Make-a-Wish fundraising for next year! During this year, we also raised $1,959.45 for the Girls Empowerment Network (GEN), which works with young girls in the Austin area in empowering them and giving them tools to be successful in any path they choose. This year was also a great year for funding our endowment, set to finish in 2022. We were able to raise $7,754 for the endowment which makes the idea of finishing our endowment by 2020 a feasible option. Because of this growth, we may be able to help our sisters fund their college education earlier than we expected. We're looking forward to the coming school year and being able to help these efforts. 
<![CDATA[KLEO's First Degree]]>Mon, 04 Feb 2019 22:02:11 GMThttp://texastbs.com/the-bg-blog/kleos-first-degreeBy Anna Lassmann

On the morning of Super Bowl Sunday, members of TBS were joined by the Spring 2019 Membership Candidacy class: KLEO. We held the first degree ceremony, officially pinning the MC's with their pins as they begin their process toward become active members of our chapter.

After the ceremony, the MC's met up with their TBS and KKY bigs for a homemade lunch consisting of their favorite snacks, meals and desserts. Their bigs will help guide them through the semester to  complete all necessary requirements to become active.

​Some information about the KLEO class:
  • Class colors: Lavender, light turquoise and slate gray
  • Class mascot: Koala
<![CDATA[The Big XII Championship]]>Mon, 03 Dec 2018 20:00:59 GMThttp://texastbs.com/the-bg-blog/the-big-xii-championshipBy Anna Lassmann

Isn't it sweet? The Texas Longhorns are headed to the Sugar Bowl to take on Georgia for the first time since 1984. The Longhorn Band is excited to join our team on this New Year's journey to New Orleans.

Prior to the Sunday bowl announcement, the Longhorns played a historical rematch against the Oklahoma Sooners in the Big XII Championship. This was only the third time in the rivalry's history that the Longhorns and Sooners have played twice in the same year -- the last time this happened was in 1903.

While the Longhorns fell short in the Big XII Championship at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, we still get to hold on to the coveted Golden Hat trophy. At least until the next time we meet the Sooners in October 2019. Making it to the Big XII Championship was definitely an exciting step in rebuilding the Texas football program, with the last Big XII Championship appearance being nearly a decade ago in 2009.

The Beta Gamma sisters continued their service to the band during the championship game by passing out water and providing medkits on the buses. We look forward to the upcoming holiday break and BTHOGeorgia! Hook 'em Horns!
<![CDATA[Texas Vs. Iowa State]]>Mon, 26 Nov 2018 17:52:23 GMThttp://texastbs.com/the-bg-blog/texas-vs-iowa-stateThe Texas Longhorns took on the Iowa State Cyclones at Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium on Nov. 17. This game was the final home game for senior members of the Longhorn Band. Members of the Longhorn Alumni Band also joined us for their annual Band Day.

The sisters of Tau Beta Sigma helped LHAB the Friday before the game by checking in and registering Alumni Band members. The TBS executive committee also served donuts, kolaches and coffee to alumni on Saturday morning prior to their practice in the Bubble.

Our service continued as we taped the field in the Bubble to assist alumni in learning their halftime drill. At the game we also provided water, gatorade and medkits to current and former band members.

LHB seniors were recognized on the field during our pregame performance as they made their own "Senior T" in front of the rest of the band.

At halftime, LHB performed a 1920's classic, "Sing, Sing, Sing." Following their performance, LHAB took the field for their performance of a modified "Wall-to-Wall Band." LHAB and LHB joined together on the field for a combined performance featuring over 1,000 current and former Longhorn Band members. This performance featured "Amazing Grace" and "The Longest Day," two of the songs that LHAB will perform during their trip to Normandy, France in June for the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

The Longhorns ended up winning the game 24-10 against the Cyclones and went on to beat the Kansas Jayhawks on Friday, 24-17. We look forward to our next performance in Arlington, Texas at AT&T Stadium as the Longhorns take on the Oklahoma Sooners again for the Big XII Championship Game!]]>
<![CDATA[Texas @ Texas Tech]]>Tue, 13 Nov 2018 19:53:19 GMThttp://texastbs.com/the-bg-blog/texas-texas-techBy Anna Lassmann

The Longhorn Band traveled to their final away game of the season on Saturday. The Horns took on the Texas Tech Red Raiders at Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock, Texas. 

The game was chilly at around 37 degrees, but that didn't keep the Beta Gamma chapter from providing service through distributing Gatorade and providing medkits at the game and on the buses. 

During halftime, the Longhorn Band performed the second and third songs from the "Not All Heroes Wear Capes Show," featuring music from Wonder Woman and The Incredibles. After halftime, we returned to the stands to help cheer our team onto a 41-34 victory against the Red Raiders. This puts the Longhorns at a 7-3 record for the season.

We are looking forward to this weekend as we celebrate our seniors at their last home game of the season, welcome back members of the Longhorn Alumni Band and watch the Horns take on Iowa State!
<![CDATA[Texas vs. West Virginia]]>Tue, 06 Nov 2018 21:48:52 GMThttp://texastbs.com/the-bg-blog/texas-vs-west-virginiaBy Emma Peterman

On the afternoon of Saturday, Nov. 3, the Texas Longhorns took on the West Virginia
Mountaineers. The members of the Longhorn Band were up bright and early in preparation of the
The sisters of TBS eagerly continued their game day service by providing hall
sales, medkits and water for band members and band family members. Through awesome
teamwork with KKY and LHBSA, Gatorade was also provided during the game. The game was
hard fought, with the Longhorns barely losing by only one point.

During half time, LHB performed an amazing tribute to our military heroes featuring music from
The Avengers, Wonder Woman and The Incredibles. Frank Denius, who passed away over the
summer, was also honored during the show. A highly-decorated World War II hero, Denius
was passionate about making UT a better place and his generosity improved the University and
the lives of its students in many ways.

Next Saturday, the Texas Longhorns will take on the Texas Tech Red Raiders in Lubbock.
The Longhorn Band and the sisters of TBS look forward to another game day!
<![CDATA[Texas @ OSU]]>Tue, 30 Oct 2018 20:36:20 GMThttp://texastbs.com/the-bg-blog/texas-osuBy Valerie Mercado

Bright and early on Saturday morning, the Longhorn Band departed for Stillwater, Oklahoma. The Beta Gamma sisters brought medkits onto the buses in preparation for the seven-hour bus ride ahead of us. Many sisters took this time to either sleep, catch up on homework during midterm season, or enjoy the company of our fellow section members.

Upon our arrival at Oklahoma State University's stadium, Boone Pickens Stadium, the Longhorn Band entered the stands and the sisters of TBS helped distribute water bottles to everyone in the band. At halftime, we performed this year's iteration of the Austin City Limits show and watched OSU’s band perform their homecoming show, “The Greatest Showman.”

Despite Texas’s vigorous effort to catch up to OSU, we unfortunately came up short 38-35. Post game, the Beta Gamma chapter met up with OSU’s Alpha chapter and sang traditional tunes.

We look forward to the home game this Saturday against West Virginia!
<![CDATA[Texas VS. Baylor]]>Tue, 16 Oct 2018 21:23:19 GMThttp://texastbs.com/the-bg-blog/texas-vs-baylorBy Mary Bolf

On Saturday morning, the Longhorn Band started out game day with our families for LHB family weekend! (Shout out to many of our awesome family members for driving a long way to come spend the day with us) We taught our family members how to march and they watched us rehearse our pregame show and halftime show in the Bubble.

For this especially hot and sunny game, with high temperatures in the 90’s, the Beta Gamma sisters provided the much-needed water, Gatorade and medkits.

The Longhorn Band performed their pregame show with a new entrance that the crowd seemed to love, featuring a drum cadence to get into position. For halftime, we performed our ACL show, featuring music by Metallica, Paul McCartney and Shawn Mendes. Before the halftime show, many of the LHB members got to stand very close to Longhorn alumnus and crowd-favorite Matthew McConaughey as he hung out on the sidelines with the football team. Alright, Alright, Alright.
After an eventful game, Texas BTHI Baylor, became first in the Big XII, and is bowl eligible! The Beta Gamma sisters had a great time showing their families what LHB is all about. Thanks again to all of our awesome families for the support!

We look forward to having a bye week and relaxing before traveling to Stillwater, Oklahoma as the Horns take on Oklahoma State.
<![CDATA[Texas Vs. OU]]>Tue, 09 Oct 2018 22:28:11 GMThttp://texastbs.com/the-bg-blog/texas-vs-ouBy Anna Lassmann

In a game that will become an instant classic for the 118-year-old rivalry between UT and OU, the Longhorns held on for a 3-point nail-biting victory, which was secured by true freshman kicker Cameron Dicker. 

​During the OU game this past weekend, the Beta Gamma sisters joined arms with OU's Tau Beta Sigma prior to kick-off to sing the "Affirmation Song" and mingle. The BG chapter also assisted with water and providing medkits, stocked with sunscreen for the brutal heat. 

​The Longhorn Band performed the classic Wall-to-Wall Band into Shotgun Texas for pregame. At halftime, LHB performed their ACL-themed show featuring music by Metallica, Shawn Mendes, and Paul McCartney.

Coming off the 48-45 win over the Sooners, the Longhorns are preparing for a match-up at home this weekend against Baylor. This Saturday will be full of excitement as the Longhorn Band invites families to join in on our rehearsal and game day experience for our annual Family Weekend!]]>